Healthy Homes Deadlines Fast Approaching

Property managers and landlords have been busy getting their healthy homes assessments done and organising all the required upgrades to their rentals. Most landlords have already started this process. Don't panic if you haven't, we are here to give you the timeline on when this work needs to be completed.

Many landlords are unsure of when they need to meet these new standards. The date your property is required to be compliant is dependent on your tenancy agreement.

Tenancy agreements signed after December 1, 2020 should all have a healthy homes statement which outlines in detail what areas of the standards are compliant and which areas have not yet met the standards. If you signed a fixed term agreement, you would only need to include a statement of intent, although it’s a good idea to have all the healthy homes information and be working towards compliance.

Use the online tool to find out if you need to include a compliance statement.


1 July 2021

All private rentals must comply with all the healthy home standards within 120 days of any new or renewed tenancy on or after 1 July 2021.

This means the clock starts ticking from the start date any new or renewed tenancies.


Sally has a 12 month fixed term tenancy that is due to expire 15 August 2021. Sally agrees to sign the tenants on for another 12 month fixed term. She draws up the tenancy agreement and includes all the healthy homes information in the agreement. She included in the statement that the property needs an extractor fan installed in the bathroom and a ground moisture barrier  to meet the healthy homes standard. Sally has 90 days from 16 Aug 2021 to get this work completed. The healthy homes compliance date is 14 Nov 2021.

Example 2:

Joe has had the same tenants for five years. They have been on a periodic tenancy. Joe’s tenants give their notice to end the tenancy on 7 Sept 2021. Joe advertises the property and finds some new tenants. They sign an agreement starting 10 September 2021. Joe has 90 days from 10 Sept to get this rental property up to healthy homes standard.

1 July 2024

What if you have a tenancy that started before 1 July 2021 and you don’t have any tenancy turnover or renewed tenancies? The 90 days would never trigger. You still have to meet the standards by 1 July 2024.

We recommend getting the work done on your rental well ahead of your compliance date. Many of the trades can become backlogged and it can take longer than expected to get quotes and get the job done. Save yourself the stress and keep on top of it! Or better yet, if you use a property management company like Occupy Property Management and your property manager will take care of it for you.

Our property managers are happy to answer any questions landlords may have regarding the healthy homes standards. Give us a ring 020 410 22530